Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Design the Perfect Party Package Contest

With open spaces and a home-like feel, The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast will be the ideal place to host all sorts of occasions! We would love to offer at least one or two specific party packages for our guests, and we want you to help us decide what would make the best party!

The winner may choose from any of the following themes, or may create their own unique party theme to use as our standard party package. We have the right to reject themes that are crude or otherwise offensive, and ask the winning bidder to come up with something more appropriate instead.

Possible Themes:
- Any of the "How to Host a Murder" parties
- Hawaiian Luau
- Era-themed (60's, 80's, etc.)
- Tea party
- Wine-tasting
- Game party (with a variety of games offered)
- Movie Night

This bidding option is a little different - we will be keeping it open ended, so that you can choose all the details!

The money raised by the bids will be used toward paying for remodeling on the bed and breakfast property, and toward the designs that the winning bidder picks out. If for any reason the deal does not go through, the winning bidder will receive a refund of their money less Ebay and PayPal fees (if applicable). We require that the payment be made via a certified check from the bidder's bank or made via PayPal or Revolution Money Exchange (if you are unfamiliar with this payment site, please click the link at the bottom of the page to learn more. It is similar to PayPal but does not charge transaction fees.) Payment will be required in full within 14 business days of the closing bid.

Bidding Details:
Though this is an open-ended contest, the prizes awarded to the winning bidder will be the same as those from the other package contests. Therefore, for bids of $601 to $700, the winning bidder will get to name the package. For bids of $701 to $800 the winning bidder will also get to add one of our packages to their stay at The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast at no additional charge. Finally, for bids of $801 or greater, the winning bidder will also receive a special discounted rate of buy one night, get one night free (limit 2 free nights).

There are also several other great perks to being the winning bidder, which can be found by checking out the "What Does It Mean To Be A Winning Bidder?" link on the right side of this page.